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Sociavi is the simplest way to share moments with the ones you love and care about. Sociavi is a picture frame for seniors, with integrated calendar, alerts and more! Family members and friends can make updates to the frame through a free app in their smart phones, instantly and from anywhere.

Seniors will feel connected and engaged, even across long distances.

Let Sociavi be the window into the senior's family and friends lives.

How It Works

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What's Included

What's Included with

  • The picture frame for seniors, called Sociavi Pad, with internet capability.
  • Unlimited free downloads of the companion Sociavi App, for everyone to share pictures with the seniors you care. Let them know you thought of them. They will immediately enjoy the moments you shared.

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The Benefits of Sociavi

  • Seniors feel connected to their family. They will be present in your family life, not just during visits.
  • View videos and photos as if they were there.
  • Alerts for daily activities & appointments.
  • Get reminded of medications.
  • and more ...
Sociavi for Caregivers

For Caregivers

Sociavi helps caregivers in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and home aide agencies keep on top of their customers. You can remind seniors of daily activities including family visits, medications, exercises and local activities! Moreover, through the companion Sociavi App, the adult children can review the activities of mom and dad, and get an immediate update of what is happening through the day, giving them the piece of mind that their parents are in good care.

Benefits for Caregivers

  • Daily calendar of events for seniors.
  • Remind the seniors of medications and activities.
  • Have the adult children regularly review the seniors' schedules.
  • Send photos & videos of activities to seniors.

Benefits for Adult Children

  • Stay connected with the seniors you hold dear. Send a picture from the office or from the playground, wherever or whenever you think of your loved one.
  • Stay informed of their daily activities, and put your mind at ease that they are being taken care.

Benefits for Family and Friends

  • Let the seniors you love feel that you care, from wherever you are and whenever you want to share a moment with them.

Benefits for Seniors

  • Seniors feel connected to the community. Sociavi bridges the gap across generations.
  • Keeping up with medications, daily activities & appointments is easy.

What people are saying about

Gwendolyn Cox-Roberts, North Brunswick, NJ

Sociavi is an important piece of technology that can be used for all ages. Working in the education field and other areas such as counseling in guidance, adult therapy, groups and one-on-one class therapy; I found Sociavi would be a great tool to help stimulate thought retention, increase information ability and the thought process.
My mother had been severely disoriented from illness. She was not responding or speaking coherently. Her mental and physical health as well as her ability to communicate to family and relate to her environment were affected. The doctors ordered fluids, tests and special diet, as well as physical and occupational therapies. She slowly began to respond.
The Sociavi was introduced and her cognitive and memory process made a very dramatic improvement at home. She was more alert and deliberate with her speech, thought process and even day to day activities.
Mom is 92 years old interested and joyful with those who visit. She recognizes detail on new and older familiy submitted pictures on the Sociavi. Mom recognizes technical improvements on how to activate videos, pictures and live video communication. Mom loves speaking to her beloved children, grandchildren and great grands. This timely invention has helped her connect with family from all over the United States.

Ken Sinay, Bozeman, MT

My Mother loves the product! She enjoys seeing the images sent to her by family. I want her to be as mentally stimulated as possible and to be able to enjoy and experience her distant family. An aside bit of fact is that the Sociavi pad does enhance her ability to communicate via phone as she has the image to relate to, even though her hearing is compromised.
I do not consider this service or product to be overly expensive for the pleasure my Mom attains. I see it as the best option I have to help her get closer to the lives of her family and friends.

Gloria McNamara, Englewood, FL

Being Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents, who are separated from their family by thousands of miles, we find having the Sociavi available to a very pleasant way of keeping in touch with them. Being able to see them and keep up with their activities almost immediately makes it seem we are not so far from them. We have been very pleased to have this at our disposal.

Monique Crusco, Havertown, PA

Digital picture frames have been available for years. This frame takes the next step and can receive pictures straight from cell phones. With a digital frame, photos are copied via a memory card. With this frame you can take a picture on your cell phone and send the picture straight to the frame. Easy setup; simple app allows you to select and send pictures to the frame in minutes. It’s a great gift for parents and grandparents out of state. Every family member should have one!



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