Paula Muller

Paula Muller

Paula Muller, Founder of Sociavi, has a lifelong passion for technology applied to healthcare, starting with her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in Chile working with blind people, then her work in Switzerland analyzing EEGs to prevent epileptic attacks, followed by her Ph.D. and Post-doc work at Rutgers with Parkinson patients, and most recently at Authentidate with Telehealth products and services.

Paula has a vast experience in technology and software development through her engineering positions at several companies like Sirus|XM satellite radio, Net-Scale Technologies and Authentidate, among others, and she has extensive management experience through senior positions at Net-Scale Technologies and Authentidate.

The business idea for Sociavi evolved from her professional background as well as her strong commitment to family relations and lifetime connections. Thus SOCIAVI, coming from the latin word “share” and “unite”, was born with the goal of keeping seniors and their families closer together.

David Duplay

David S. Duplay

Dave Duplay is an entrepreneur and strategist for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With a heritage in healthcare marketing, communications and technology, Dave has worked with pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, research organizations and patient groups for over 30 years, completing various types of marketing and strategy projects across almost all disease areas.

As an advocate for the healthcare industry and a passionate believer that aligning the goals and aspirations of all stakeholders in healthcare is key to improving outcomes for patients, Dave is frequently invited to comment on the positive aspects of working with the pharmaceutical and managed care industry and is a recognized author and speaker on healthcare marketing strategies, physician, patient and caregiver strategies as well as the pharmaceutical industries role in delivering quality care.

Dave is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Sociavi, a leading digital health company that delivers Virtual Social Therapy®, Patient Education, Health & Wellness Tools and Critical Health Reminders to Patients and Caregivers through its Digital Health Companion™. Dave also serves as the Chairman of Vital Options International, a global health foundation and is a Board Member of Environmental Advocates, a brownfield redevelopment company.

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris
Senior Advisor

Lisa Morris is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, Broadway producer, and communications expert.

A former Broadway actress, she founded and scaled the entertainment travel company Road Concierge, which had a successful exit via acquisition within 6 years.

She is an active Investor and Advisor for dozens of impactful startups, including health and wellness companies such as Pirkx and Whole Person Health.

She is an activator with Coralus, a philanthropic venture fund that supports and funds Female Founded companies.

She is an entrepreneur-in-residence with the NYSERDA program through Columbia Technology ventures and is an active pitch coach and communications advisor for a variety of companies, from early startups to funds with billions under management. She has acted as Spokesperson for Luokung [Nasdaq: LKCO] and is a sought-after speaker on impact investing, entrepreneurship, and investing in women.

She has consulted for a variety of nonprofit organizations, most recently with the Epic Foundation, Mary Tyler Moore Foundation, and the WiTT fund council. She proudly serves on the Board of Vital Options International. She is the Director of Philanthropic Services for FORCE Family Office, and the US family office liaison for the Dunhill Family Office.    

She is a member of the NEXUS Impact Society, Global Leader’s Investment Club, Adoreum Club and Top Tier Impact.

Peter Umekubo, SVP Data and Commercial Analytics

Peter Umekubo

Peter Umekubo is a senior executive and strategist for the pharmaceutical, life science, and healthcare industry. His passion for improving the lives of patient, caregivers and families struggling with healthcare challenges has made him a leader in developing and implementing innovative Population Health, Disease Management, and digital health strategies and programs.

Peter is currently the Senior Vice President, Data Analytics and Commercial Strategy of Sociavi, a leading digital health company that delivers Virtual Social Therapy®, Patient Education, Health & Wellness Tools and Critical Health Reminders to Patients and Caregivers through its Digital Health Companion™. Peter also serves as a consultant and advisor to global health non-profits, digital health companies, and other health and wellness related organizations.

Prior to joining Sociavi, Peter was the Director, Financial Planning & Analysis at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, while also consulting in the healthcare industry in a variety of therapeutic areas, Neurological Diseases, Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Mental Health Disorders.

Peter has over 15 years of commercial experience across the pharmaceutical, medical food, dietary supplement, medical logistics, medical device, and healthcare non-profit industries.

Peter received his Master of Science degree in Biology from New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science and MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver.